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Another Loving Donation!



These cards, about 40 total, were superbly crafted and generously donated to Spark a Smile by “Miss” Marlene Barber! If you have any questions about how she created these beautiful pieces of paper art, post them in the comments. Maybe we can entice her to guest-blog and answer your crafty questions! :)

Aren’t they cute? Thanks again, Marlene! You’re awesome!

You’re Invited!!

Print some invitations for your friends!! Download the PDF

New Card Donations and a simple How-To

Here are a few of our latest card donations!! We’re so excited for the rest to start rolling in!
And here’s a simple How-To for making your own!
Start with a blank card.
I usually cut a piece of plain white cardstock in half and fold it into a card instead of purchasing pre-made,
but “card blanks” are available at discount or craft stores.

I chose a simple clear star stamp and blue ink.

To get light and dark stars, I inked the stamp, pressed it down (dark),
then lifted it and re-stamped without inking (light).
Since my stamp was already dirty, I did a few more cards with the same technique. Saves time at cleanup!

Used a pen to add a little greeting: “Wishing you a speedy recovery”

I always add a little sparkle or button as a finishing touch. 

From 20091003 Card Ideas

Let the glue dry, and you’re done! So simple, but will definitely Spark a Smile!

Thanks for looking! Now it’s your turn! What sparkling ideas do you have? :)

Card Donation Details

For more information about Spark a Smile, check out our website
* The cards we collect will be distributed to hospital patients, Meals on Wheels recipients, and anyone else who may be in need of a smile.
* Cards can be made for elderly people, children, moms and dads – anyone can use a smile sometimes!
* Cards can be anything uplifting, cheery, hopeful, comforting, etc.
* Postcards are easiest to distribute, but if you’d like to contribute greeting cards, that’s great, too! Please provide envelopes to fit your cards, if possible.

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