Hello Spring!


In March, we helped Oasis Rehabilitation Center welcome Spring by creating these bright cards! Many thanks to Miss Marlene, who designed, cut, and embossed all the pieces for this project. Aren’t they happy?

20140325-IMG_5919 20140325-IMG_5918 20140325-IMG_5915


Hope you can join us this Wednesday, April 9th, from 5-7PM (at Yang and Horsley Dentistry – 325 E. Cottonwood Lane). We’re making cards for 12-step patients! This will also be our last SAS until further notice, since we’re welcoming Horsley Baby #2 at the end of April!

February Thinking Of You


When we made a stack of cards for Miss Judy and her friends in January, they were so excited and grateful for blank cards to deliver to shut-ins, they asked for more! We were happy to provide these heart-felt “Thinking of You” cards that they can send year-round.

20140212-IMG_5429 20140212-IMG_5427 20140211-IMG_9930


Join us this Wednesday, March 12, as we create Springy cards for Oasis Rehabilitation Center. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month from 5-7PM at Yang and Horsley Dentistry. Hope to see you there!

Celebrating a New Year


Happy 2014! To celebrate the start of a new year, we made birthday cards. They’ll be hand-delivered by Miss Judy and her group of friends who visit shut-ins. Miss Marlene had these donated envelopes to use, so she created these happy designs to match. We made over 70 of these oversized cards, and Miss Judy was thrilled to use them!




20140117-IMG_9921For February’s meeting, we’re making heart-felt Thinking of You cards! Hope you’ll join us THIS Wednesday (yes, one week early), February 5th, from 5-7 PM.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Every year, a lady named Ms. Ross hosts a Christmas dinner at Seeds of Hope. Along with 30 volunteers, she serves 40 meals on-site, and delivers another 100 meals to the homebound!! This year, we were honored to be a part of their service to the community. We provided handmade cards to accompany ALL the meals served, plus one-of-a-kind cards for the volunteers. Miss Marlene designed this shimmery snowman card. Isn’t he a happy little guy? 

She also designed these cheery cards, with some help from her sweet daughter, Katy!

Here are a few of the unique cards we made for the volunteers. 20131218-IMG_4716


Dr. Phil had the honor of delivering our packages!



Join us this Wednesday, January 8th, as we create Happy Birthday cards for our friend to deliver as she visits with the homebound. We’ll see you between 5-7PM!

Giving Thanks in November


To help Seeds of Hope and their fellow charities host their annual Thanksgiving dinner, we created over 410 festive favors for dessert!



This is the third year we’ve done this project and we still love it. Delivering them to Miss Terri at Seeds of Hope definitely puts me in the Thanksgiving spirit!


Special thanks to Miss Marlene, who cut all the backgrounds and leaves to make these very easy to assemble! She’s the master of mass production!


Hope you’ll join us this Wednesday, December 11, from 5-7PM as we create some special, sparkly Christmas cards.


October Pink


Every year, we create happy PINK cards in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Miss Marlene has been looking forward to using her fun little stamp: “Big small, save them all” all year! We also made a handful of generic pink cards, and I love that happy pink hue.





Hope you can join us tomorrow, Wednesday, November 13th as we make our annual treat for the Seeds of Hope Thanksgiving Dinner! It’s so fun for us to contribute in a small way to such a big meal, but we need your help! We have over 400 treats to create! They’re really easy to assemble, so it’s a great way for beginners to get involved. See you from 5-7PM!


Patriot Day in September


Last month’s Spark a Smile happened to fall on a very special day – September 11th, Patriot Day. To celebrate our continued freedom, we decided to make red/white/blue postcards to send to the military. Our local school kids will be writing greetings and notes of thanks on the back of the postcards and we’ll send them overseas! We had two new faces – Miss Joy and Sylvia – and they were GREAT!! Joy noted that it was so therapeutic to make cards :) Here are a few of the amazing designs.

I thought that scalloped “Thank You” stamp was so cute. I found it at Target for $1!

We had quite a few hand-made flags!




Miss Marlene invested in a simple star punch so she wouldn’t have to hand-cut stars like she did last time we made patriotic cards. :) 20130915-IMG_2911

We were all able to share the positive and negative shapes of the punched stars – it was fun to see how we used each others’ “trash”!

20130915-IMG_2908We had such a fun time creating these cards for the hard-working men and women who bravely serve our country! Will you come join us in October as we make cards for other “fighters”? We’re making PINK cards for breast cancer awareness month. We meet on the second Wednesday of every month (October 9, 2013) at Yang and Horsley Dentistry (325 E. Cottonwood Lane) from 5-7PM. Hope to see you there!


Hello August


We had a great little turnout for our August Spark a Smile! Since we had just been to the CG Elementary Business Showcase, we had two new faces! They both didn’t think they were creative, but I think they did great for first-timers! Miss Kristin and Janie joined us, as usual!

Here are some of the cards we made for the hospital.

20130823-IMG_2038 20130823-IMG_2036 20130823-IMG_2032 20130823-IMG_2030 20130823-IMG_2034


Hope you’ll join us this Wednesday, September 11th, from 5-7PM at Yang and Horsley Dentistry. We’re making patriotic postcards for members of the military, and we’ll pass them along to local school kids to write messages on the back before we send them overseas! If you or someone you know would like to be part of our project, please let us know!

July Mini-Cards for Elementary Teachers


Every year, Dr. Phil and Dr. Janelle attend the Casa Grande Elementary Community Showcase to welcome teachers back for the school year. We also provide cute gifts for the new CG Elementary School District’s new teacher welcome baskets! This year, we made these Arizona mini-cards to thank ALL the CGESD teachers for their service to our community. They loved them!




One of the highlights of attending the Business Showcase was meeting a staff member who stopped by our booth last year; she’d loved our “You Rock” mini-cards that we made in 2012, and even saved it! We love hearing stories like that! 

Another highlight was meeting a very sweet lady who’d known my dad in the 1990’s. She was the one who drove him to the hospital when he injured his hand during woodworking class!



The cards this month were super-simple, which made it really easy to add some little details.



Hope you enjoy our little cards! Come join the fun on August 14th, from 5-7PM at Yang & Horsley Dentistry (325 E. Cottonwood Lane)!


June Spark a Smile


For our June SAS party, we decided to clean house a little! We had a few unfinished projects laying around from earlier in 2013 – Thinking of You, Thank You, and Missing You/Birthday cards. We got so many cards finished! We had some help from Miss Kristin, who also brought her daughter and a friend!! We had a great turnout and finished up these sets of cards.




Hope you’ll join us next Wednesday, July 10th, as we make sweet home Arizona cards for the great CG Elementary School District! We meet the second Wednesday of every month, from 5-7PM. As always, Spark a Smile is totally fun, and free!! We’d love to have you join us!

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